Binikou ~ The Human Powered School is a collaborative, open-ended educational program, both on the internet and in communities across the world, that is based on modern developmental theories, including Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


So what is Binkou actually going to do?

The goal of our humble little Human Powered School is to actively support young people in applying their natural passions, interests, and abilities towards finding simple, practical ways to raise the quality of life for everyone on the planet, so that we’re all healthy and able to be as awesome as possible!

Binikou asks the question:

How can we get more good stuff into humans, and use the stuff that comes out of humans to do good things?


Our Human Powered School will support teams of people, of all ages, as we work together to

  • research
  • design
  • share

a wide variety of solutions to helping people get more quality nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, warmth, and light, and to find ways to more effectively use extra human resources.

So where did Binikou get it’s start?

Evoke, the game!

Binikou got it’s prizewinning start during a genre challenging online reality game called Evoke, that was designed by the geek goddess, Jane McGonigal. The game brought together amazing people from all over the world to encourage them to explore the idea of using social innovation to make the world a better place.

The creator and showrunner of Binikou is Turil Cronburg (Hello!), who’s a middle-aged teacher, artist, philosopher, and passionate activist from Massachusetts and Maine (on the rocks-and-trees covered north-eastern coastline of the USA) who’s always dreamed of making a more amazing world, filled with wonder, creativity, awe, and joy. And she very much hopes Binikou will play a role in getting us all there.

What’s Next?

Now that Binikou is finally getting going with a full website and workshops, everyone is welcome to join us, especially kids, teachers, professional innovators, and program supporters as we collaborate on helping young people become the real superheros that they have the potential to be.

No matter your position or place in life, it is imperative that you create opportunities for children, so that we can grow up to blow you away.

~ Adora Svitak – 12 year old TED Talk presenter