Binikou is based on the belief that the world will be better off when the idea of “health” is better defined to reflect the way our human brains and bodies work. We believe that health has many levels, and that each level is based on a level of complexity of the brain. We at Binikou consider it to be useful to look at the human brain as being composed of three basic parts of the brain plus one “higher level” function of consciousness. These levels are:

  • 1. The primitive “lizard brain” system governs the physical self. All animals have at least some form of this part of the nervous system.
  • 2. The slightly more complex limbic system governs our basic emotions. Social animals all have this part.
  • 3. The future-thinking, logical neocortex system gives us problem solving abilities. All primates, and even many birds and reptiles apparently, have at least some form of this.
  • 4. The collaborative effort of the whole brain working as a single unit gives us the ability to consciously be aware of ourselves within the larger system of the universe and life as a whole.

And this set of levels of complexity is matched with the following definitions of health:

  • Physical health comes from having enough whole food, clean water, fresh air, light and heat, and being reasonably free to express one’s body’s excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy.
  • Emotional health comes from experiencing one’s most intimate companion (parent, sibling, partner, or best friend) getting enough of these physical input and output needs.
  • Intellectual health comes from experiencing one’s self-defined group (family, community, or geographic region) as getting enough of these physical input and output needs.
  • Spiritual health comes from experiencing the whole planet, and all it’s Earthlings, flora and fauna, getting it’s physical input and output needs met.

Binikou is also founded on the idea that as humans mature, they focus their awareness and resources on increasing levels of health. Very young children are focused on emotional health. While older kids and teens and young adults are focused on intellectual health. And mature adults focus on spiritual health.

Binikou aims to support all of these levels!