When it comes to the kind of things you like to do in the world, are you mostly a reporter? An innovator? A researcher? A professional? Or a wise leader?

Reporters ask everyone around them questions! How, why, what? And then they share with others the stories they discover.

Innovators work with others to come up with new ideas.

Researchers study and test the work that’s being done by others, to better understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Professionals integrate all their knowledge and skills and work within large teams on more complex and long term issues.

Wise leaders look at the big picture and find value in everything they experience.

Each of these types of people serves a valued role in Binikou. Of course, you can always try on a new role whenever you feel like it, but you will be able to help more effectively if you focus on playing one role at a time.

So, what position do you think you want to start with at Binikou?

it takes a mosiac to make the world grow