Binikou offers you a simple way to think about solutions to getting our needs met:

• What resources do we need to make this work?
• What are the different steps to make it work?
• What is the science of why it works?
• Where can people get even more information?

These will be the four main elements we will focus on in the workshops and for the online encyclopedia of solutions. With the diversity of people of all ages and cultures participating in Binikou, I imagine that the way people choose to share this information will be wonderfully creative and interesting, from kids’ drawings, to fairly detailed diagrams, to videos, to even songs. I’m really looking forward to seeing what amazing things the world comes up with to share with the world!

And, on another note, for those who can’t make it today to the workshop, you can take a look at the plan, if you are curious. You can download the PDF at Binikou ~ The Human Powered Workshop 8/2010.

express yourself for a better world!