During the workshop this past weekend, one of the attendees said that he thought we should collect the energy of lightning to use as a power source, since lightning has so much electricity. And it turns out that he shared a dream with Nikola Tesla, inventor of the Telsa Coil machine that generates lightning.

And now, scientists at the University of Campinas in Brazil are testing out ways to harvest electrical build-up in the atmosphere. They discovered that when water particles in the air rub up against dust particles, it makes a static charge. And now they are looking to research ways to create “hygroelectric” panels that could be used on houses in areas with high humidity, to generate power, and possibly reduce the chance of a lightening strike, as well!

For more information see the news report on ScienceDaily.com: Electricity Collected from the Air Could Become the Newest Alternative Energy Source.

Finding ways to help humans get power for heat and light, and to help us more effectively express ourselves is a major goal for Binikou, and so this is an exciting development!

mmmmm... warmth