Binikou has been given a nice little boost in the Global Giving Evoke challenge during August, and we’re in the last day of the challenge. We’ve won three of the funding bonuses, nearly doubling your personal donations!

Also, if you haven’t already donated, and you have any interest in donating money to the start up of Binikou~The Human Powered School’s website and traveling workshops, and you like the idea of having a bit of a tax write-off in a few months, then now is the time to donate, while we have a 501(c)3 non-profit acting as our sponsor.

And check out Binikou’s fellow Evoke projects to see how they are doing in the challenge, as well. A couple have made it to the coveted $3000 and 50 donors level and will be invited to stay on Global Giving as a long term fundraising option. While the rest of us have gotten at least a little boost in funding, and some sense that all the work we’ve been investing in our projects has been worth it. I, for one, am very, very grateful for the support Binikou has already gotten, in many different forms, and I’m truly excited about moving forward with much awesomeness for the world via Binikou!

So really, Thank You!

a little support goes a long way for kids