Last week was an eventful and amazing adventure in Washington DC as a somewhat amused guest of the World Bank. (Specifically the educational wing, known as the World Bank Institute.)

The trip far exceeded my expectations in many ways. The Evoke Summit was designed to be a celebration of and further inspiration for the “Crash course in changing the world” that the Evoke project started out as. And Binikou was indeed grateful to be a part of this opportunity.

The presentations and workshops were fairly typical, for those familiar with social and environmental non-profit conferences, and were somewhat useful in offering new ideas and approaches, and for getting to know our fellow summit-goers. The real awesomeness that comes from these kinds of events is, of course, getting to network with all kinds of different people who, in spite of their differences, all share a similar ideal of doing something creative to help make the world a better place. And this Evoke Summit was no exception!

So while you can read about the presentations and such that happened over here and also here), if you like, there is probably no good way to summarize the really important stuff that happened for Binikou in DC, other than for me to say…

It truly was…

Good stuff in… Good stuff out!

…and then to spend a moment thanking all the people who invested their time and energy in the Evoke Summit, and Evoke itself, including Nathan V., Gene, Mita, Amos, Nathan W., David, Simon, Pradip, Jane and Kiyash, Martin and Reid and Cheryl, Steve (my frequent and very enjoyable table neighbor!), Rebecca (you’re just so awesome!), Ari, Lorena, Reem, the very surprising (to me!) Nathaniel F., (Just ask) Ed, Ronald, Michelle, Brian and Caleb from Ushahidi, the very generous Bob from the WB, and all the other various locals and special guests who showed up.

Thank you all so much for helping inspire me to make Binikou a success!

And, because I can, here are some pretty pictures! (Mouse over the images for witty commentary.)

Lincoln is kind of inspiring.

Evokers and Space travel are even more inspiring!

Evokers at a big, big, big WB table is a little intimidating!

Evokers collaborating in the real world, is the most inspiring of all!

Evokers engage the world face to face, with compassion, and curiosity.

Smithsonian Native American Art - also inspiring, in a quieter way.

It's a bike, parked at paper clips!  We need more of these, don't you agree?

Look what I found in the basement of the Smithsonian gift shop!

Onward and upward for all of us Evokers, and for Binikou!