Henry David Thoreau wrote this important reminder of one of humanity’s most basic needs for being good, the freedom to explore unpredictably, because being trapped in too rigid a structure stunts growth mentally and physically.

And this is true for education, as well! Education is good when it is wild and free, and I mean both senses of the term free – free for the taking, and free to roam all over the universe, in all four dimensions, on a whim.

Binikou aims at being a truly wild and free educational program, and we hope to add plenty of room for the ideas of humans of all ages to roam in all dimensions as they explore both old and new ways to get more of what we all need to grow in all of the ways we want to grow.

And we’re looking forward to finally receiving the funds that some of you donated back in August during the Global Giving Evoke challenge. (Global Giving has apparently been having problems sending Evoke projects our money. But they have said that they were sending a check out this past Friday. So hopefully it will be here within the next day or two, and we can buy the website hosting we want, and get started with the big stuff!)

In the meantime I wish you well finding some wild and free things to do today, so that the world will have more good in it!

sometimes education is a funnel, a string, and some paint swinging over a sidewalk!