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How soon do you think it will be that governments of the world create – either in addition to or all out replacing the intentionally primitive~destructive organizations of the Army, Navy, and Air Force – government supported forces for good that are based on the creative~constructive direction of life and evolution, on land, sea, and air?

time for a world of nurturing


The money from Global Giving arrived!

The website is seriously under construction!

Binikou (including Turil) is looking for a home!

There will be handmade Binikou gift books available soon! Hopefully before Solstice (and Christmas). Books will be free to anyone who makes a donation to Binikou (monetary and otherwise), and anyone else who really wants one, too (for as long as supplies/postage money hold out).

Things are definitely very exciting these days for Binikou…

It's a Binikou planet!