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The sun is always there for us when we need it the most.

On the darkest day a child is born, a new kind of child, one who will
be nurtured by those who love her, so that she can become strong,
beautiful, and inspiring for all of you for the rest of your precious
time here on planet Earth.

With much love and appreciation, I give you the newborn…

Binikou ~ the Human Powered School

Good Stuff In – Good Stuff Out

She is still very tiny and fragile, but she is ready to face the
challenges of the world, ready to take her first steps out into the
snow, or rain, or sun, with all of us there to hug her when she falls,
and to watch her when she walks bravely into the future.

Please share
the news of her birth with anyone you feel will also find joy in her
new life…


Happy Solstice to all of you, my family, friends, and fellow creative souls!

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,

Salutations to the flying fire within us all!


What makes Binikou different from most other schools is that Binikou starts with the fundamental belief that the human brain is, perhaps, the most exquisite and powerful thing within the universe. We believe that the human brain is amazing and could be said to be worth worshiping, even.

And even more worth worshiping than a single brain is a whole planet full of brains!

So you could say that Binikou’s goal is to redesign education for a world of brains.

The old school way was to mostly ignore the health of the body that contained the brain. The new school way is to focus on taking excellent care of the body that contains the brain, so that the whole package can function at it’s best.

The old school way was to force the brain to learn or teach only predefined things, at predefined times, and in predefined ways, as defined by predefined other brains. The new school way is to focus on letting the brain itself decide what it wants to learn and teach, when it wants to learn and teach, and how it wants to learn and teach, so that each unique brain can learn and teach in the way that works best for the individuals in their own unique environment and circumstances.

The old school way was to focus on fairly arbitrary and unrelated and often not-very-valuable subjects and lessons. The new school way is to focus on subjects and lessons that are directly related to improving the individuals’ personal lives so that what is learned and taught is highly valuable and meaningful, while simultaneously encouraging people to expand their brain’s capabilities in a whole variety of ways, based on their developmental interests at the time.

And finally, the old school way was to consider diversity as, at best, an “unfortunate” thing to have to “work around” with the aim to “keep everyone in line”, heading in a single direction. The new school way is to see diversity as crucial for the health of the planet. The highest goal of Binikou is most definitely to work with diversity, and to encourage collaboration and cooperation, rather than competition, with all sorts of different kinds of individuals, to keep the whole system of life exploring new territory in an ever expanding and branching creative force of nature.

There is still, of course, room for the old school ways, in many areas, when the brains involved are personally interested in a more linear approach. So Binikou is more of an addition than a replacement to the old school ways.

Which is how it should be, right? More diversity equals a healthier, more creative, and more fun world of brains!


Also, because I know you’re curious… the main website/wiki has indeed been born. It’s still just a very tiny, new baby, and not ready yet to be passed around to the whole Binikou family and friends just yet, but she is indeed alive and well, and I’ll be inviting you to play with her very, very soon!


Binikou - a whole brains approach to education!