The sun is always there for us when we need it the most.

On the darkest day a child is born, a new kind of child, one who will
be nurtured by those who love her, so that she can become strong,
beautiful, and inspiring for all of you for the rest of your precious
time here on planet Earth.

With much love and appreciation, I give you the newborn…

Binikou ~ the Human Powered School

Good Stuff In – Good Stuff Out

She is still very tiny and fragile, but she is ready to face the
challenges of the world, ready to take her first steps out into the
snow, or rain, or sun, with all of us there to hug her when she falls,
and to watch her when she walks bravely into the future.

Please share
the news of her birth with anyone you feel will also find joy in her
new life…


Happy Solstice to all of you, my family, friends, and fellow creative souls!

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,

Salutations to the flying fire within us all!