Some people wonder what exactly Binikou is when it comes to the mainstream concept of the for-profit vs. non-profit business/organization dichotomy. Binikou is neither, and both! Binikou is really just on a whole different dimension!

Binikou is a work of ART! It’s interactive, globally networked, neurologically minded, scientifically curious, spiritually motivated art, that is. :-)

Which means that the more your brain interacts with Binikou, the more brilliant and beautiful this work of art becomes, and the healthier the world becomes!

Binikou is officially starting out as a personal project of me, Turil Cronburg, with the help and support and inspiration of two beautiful boys — Zack and Ariyeh — who I’ve had the joy to be a teacher and friend for, for the past two years. I, personally, have a neutral goal when it comes to monetary “profit” — money is just one possible temporary tool for helping increase the health and quality of life of all humans on the planet, which is my ultimate spiritual and scientific goal, following my own Prime Directive in life. Thus, any money that I and/or Binikou receive will go directly towards serving that goal in the most efficient way possible at the time. Money, and any other material resources that I have already gotten, has gone towards supporting the basic needs of those who are working on growing the project. Binikou’s most active teachers, website contributors, students, and hosts will always be the ones who’s basic needs will be supported as the first priority, so that they can contribute their best selves to the work. Any excess material resources will go towards serving other individuals and communities basic needs, in the most efficient manner available.

Does that sound good? Does that sound like a revolutionary way to do good, beautiful, true, and inspiring work? Would you like to become an active contributor to Binikou, either as a teacher, website contributor, student, and/or host?

If so, either contact me, Turil, via at thewiseturtle(at) (add the @ symbol before mailing!), or comment here, or head on over to the wiki at, because you are an important part of this art work!

Binikou is like a May Pole, a brilliant collaboration of art and science!