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Another successful Binikou event! Today’s Superfoods Sampling Day went exceptionally well, bringing out 2-3 times the number of regular winter Saturday afternoon visitors at the quiet and friendly little Palermo Public Library. There were around 20 people who showed up and tasted a large variety of super nutritious and delicious foods such as chia pudding, walnut basil pesto, flax crackers, fresh wheat grass, and miso. And, as usual, the kids and adults got a good workout using the human powered blender to make yummy green smoothies with an all time favorite Maine superfood, blueberries (picked from my Mom’s front yard last summer and waiting patiently in the freezer until today to be devoured). There was even one generous visitor who also brought her own very popular and healthy version of Macaroni and Cheese made with cauliflower instead of wheat pasta.

Oh, and adorable little basil seedlings were offered up to green food lovers, who were happy to adopt the younglings and give them a warm, sunny windowsill to nourish them and help them grow up into happy, healthy superfood!

Next up in the School Vacation Week Community Sharing Extravaganza, on Tuesday, is storytelling. The storytelling will no doubt be featuring my all time favorite kid’s book Jerome, the story of a frog who is told he is a prince, and so he starts acting like a prince by creatively and compassionate solving problems and saving the town from a dragon who turns out to be quite happy using his fire to burn garbage rather than the houses, a crow who learns that he doesn’t need to horde all the corn and from then on only eats a crow-sized portion of the harvest rather than all of it, and a wizard who is helped to realize that he was much happier as a joyful young child than as an evil wizard and then POOF! turns himself into that joyful child chasing rainbows and running down emerald green hills for the rest of his life. And, of course, for storytelling day my Mom, a professional storyteller and theater teacher, will likely perform some grand tales from a long time ago in a place far away (but not that far away). I can’t wait!

Happy melting Maine snow to everyone!

inspiring conversations, possibly about super foods :-)

This young man really, really loved everything.  Seriously!

human powered blenders are kid magnets!


Last fall Binikou was a small part of the Boston area Urban Homesteaders League event at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. You can see a small appearance of me, Turil, teaching Somerville, Massachusetts folks all about wheatgrass, greens, and juicing with human power in the Urban Homesteader’s League short video. (I’m the goofy one with the blue vest and green scarf, babbling about juicing!)

You can also take a look at a few blog posts about the event at:

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The 10.23 Market Stand (Photos)

And the handout, with the wheatgrass growing mini-lesson, along with the other lessons from that day, can be downloaded as a PDF, if you’re especially curious!

No, this isn't wheatgrass, but it's pretty and green!

If you’re anywhere near the Palermo, Maine area (kind of near Augusta), please join Binikou in a new week-long event we’re calling the Community Sharing Extravaganza at the Palermo Public Library!

Saturday February 19 is Superfoods Sampling Day
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Tuesday February 21 is Storytelling Day

Thursday February 24 is Crafts Day

Saturday February 26 is Games and Movie Day (featuring the most awesome movies Nausicaä and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward).

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