Last fall Binikou was a small part of the Boston area Urban Homesteaders League event at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. You can see a small appearance of me, Turil, teaching Somerville, Massachusetts folks all about wheatgrass, greens, and juicing with human power in the Urban Homesteader’s League short video. (I’m the goofy one with the blue vest and green scarf, babbling about juicing!)

You can also take a look at a few blog posts about the event at:

The View from a Skillshare Leader–Lorie Reilly

The View from a Skillshare Leader–Jaime Alberts

The 10.23 Market Stand (Photos)

And the handout, with the wheatgrass growing mini-lesson, along with the other lessons from that day, can be downloaded as a PDF, if you’re especially curious!

No, this isn't wheatgrass, but it's pretty and green!