Coming soon, Binikou seed packets as thank you gifts to anyone who contributes to Binikou, either materially or with a solution on the wiki.

Hopefully we’ll also be able to get a monetary online contribution link set up too, to make things simple for everyone.

Seeds to get excited about seeing include: Kale! Stevia! Lettuce and greens mixes! Fennel! The miraculous Ground Cherries! And more!

We’re getting bulk seeds and putting them into custom made Binikou seed packets, with hand colored artwork on them. We’re also using some seeds that we’ve saved from last year’s crops, and getting some from seed swapping events (tomorrow we’ll be at the MOFGA seed swap at the Common Ground Fairgrounds, yay!). Most of the seeds are organic, and all of the seeds are untreated (no synthetic chemicals added). We’re focusing on greens, and easy to grow stuff, so that you can enjoy the most awesome foods possible for your gardening efforts!

So, what are you most excited about growing this year?