The article Humans, Version 3.0 at, by Mark Changizi, speaks about the adaptations that human brains have evolved over the history of homo sapiens and its lineage:

They’re astronomically brilliant in comparison to anything humans are likely to invent for millennia.

Neuronal recycling exploits this wellspring of potent powers. If one wants to get a human brain to do task Y despite it not having evolved to efficiently carry out task Y, then a key point is not to forcefully twist the brain to do Y. Like all animal brains, human brains are not general-purpose universal learning machines, but, instead, are intricately structured suites of instincts optimized for the environments in which they evolved. To harness our brains, we want to let the brain’s brilliant mechanisms run as intended — i.e., not to be twisted. Rather, the strategy is to twist Y into a shape that the brain does know how to process.

In other words, find a way to use what we’ve already got, to do something that gives us the same valuable result as what we would get if we had something we don’t have. We can recycle our human resources! We might not be able to fly with bird wings, but we can use the neurons in our brains to design things that are like bird wings and get ourselves up into the air anyway, and maybe even power it with methane made from our very own poop, too! Getting to a better future all boils down to being able to look more generally at what our goals are, so that we humans can do what we were best made to do, to think, create, rearrange, and test out theories. We can use nature in new and interesting ways, rather than trying to escape from it with inhuman manipulations to the human body and soul.

The point is, most science fiction gets all this wrong. While the future may be radically “futuristic,” with our descendants having breathtaking powers we cannot fathom, it probably won’t be because they evolved into something new, or were genetically modified, or had AI-chip enhancements. Those powerful beings will simply be humans, like you and I. But they’ll have been nature-harnessed in ways we cannot anticipate, the magic latent within each of us used for new, brilliant Human 3.0 capabilities.

This is a primary function of Binikou, looking at options for using what we naturally have as human beings in the most amazing ways, in order to create a far better future for all human beings all over the planet, and beyond.

what else can we create?