Binikou has a dream of starting a program at the Palermo Community Library (in Maine, not Italy) that would have a workshop every Saturday morning exploring one of the top most nutritious plants that grow sustainably and permanently in Maine. The goal would be to give away superfood plants that either are perennials or readily self-sow for people to cultivate in their own permaculture-style food forests. We’d also use the workshops to build up the library’s own garden space with long term food plants that need very little maintenance to thrive (as opposed to the more mainstream style annual vegetable gardens that need lots of maintenance and replanting every year).

The workshop leaders and participants, of all ages, would collaboratively create at least one Binikou solution page for the Encyclopedia of Solutions wiki for each plant. We’d explore everything from the history of the plant, to how to nurture it, to what nutrients are in it, to how to prepare it so that it is most nutritious and delicious.

We just applied for a small grant to fund this for the summer (the money would go to buying food plants/seeds and library media in support of growing superfoods, wild food identification, and permaculture). We will find out if we’ve gotten the grant by the end of the month. Cross your fingers! If we don’t get it, there will still probably be some more Superfood/Food Forest workshops at some point, since education about sustainable food practices and free food plants are such good ideas!

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