Binikou got the grant! Whoohooo! It’s from Healthy Waldo County, and we will be using it to run three months of Saturday Morning Superfoods and Food Forest events at the Palermo Community Library. Each week we will explore one local food that is exceptionally nutritious and easily grown in the local area as part of a permanent, low maintenance garden. We’ll be planting, harvesting, preparing, and eating the superfoods while collaborating on a Binikou solution page for the encyclopedia that will be shared with all the world. And in the process, the Library, and workshop attendees, will receive plants for their own permaculture garden. At the end of the summer, the library will have at least 14 different edible species in the new Food Forest garden!

Did I mention, Yay! Congratulations to us!

The program will start mid to late June. Some of the first foods we’ll feature might include sunchokes, sprouts, kale, and stinging nettle. We welcome you all to participate either at the library, or online at the Encyclopedia of Solutions, with your ideas, art, questions, and knowledge…

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