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Binikou got the grant! Whoohooo! It’s from Healthy Waldo County, and we will be using it to run three months of Saturday Morning Superfoods and Food Forest events at the Palermo Community Library. Each week we will explore one local food that is exceptionally nutritious and easily grown in the local area as part of a permanent, low maintenance garden. We’ll be planting, harvesting, preparing, and eating the superfoods while collaborating on a Binikou solution page for the encyclopedia that will be shared with all the world. And in the process, the Library, and workshop attendees, will receive plants for their own permaculture garden. At the end of the summer, the library will have at least 14 different edible species in the new Food Forest garden!

Did I mention, Yay! Congratulations to us!

The program will start mid to late June. Some of the first foods we’ll feature might include sunchokes, sprouts, kale, and stinging nettle. We welcome you all to participate either at the library, or online at the Encyclopedia of Solutions, with your ideas, art, questions, and knowledge…

more than a green thumb, a whole green body!


If you want to help Binikou stay healthy and growing as an online Encyclopedia of Solutions, maybe you could help us pay for the $130 website hosting bill we have this year. Right now, we owe a mere $10 for the domain name, and we could definitely use a little donation to cover that. (Later in the year, around November, the rest of the bill will be due as well.)

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

This link will allow you to contribute directly to the hosting bill, so you know exactly where the money is going! :-)

Thanks muchly!


Binikou doesn’t want to change the world from the top down, or even from the bottom up. Instead, Binikou wants to change the world from the inside out!

We want to help each and every individual become so healthy on the inside that nearly everything that comes out is amazing…

In order to help you improve your insides, Binikou has a new solution! It’s called How to Express Anger and Sadness Energy.

And if you want to join in on the fun of offering the world interesting good stuff, and helping us come up with solutions, email me at thewiseturtle (at) and I’ll set you up with an account on Binikou’s wiki. Yay!

who's in there?

Coming soon, Binikou seed packets as thank you gifts to anyone who contributes to Binikou, either materially or with a solution on the wiki.

Hopefully we’ll also be able to get a monetary online contribution link set up too, to make things simple for everyone.

Seeds to get excited about seeing include: Kale! Stevia! Lettuce and greens mixes! Fennel! The miraculous Ground Cherries! And more!

We’re getting bulk seeds and putting them into custom made Binikou seed packets, with hand colored artwork on them. We’re also using some seeds that we’ve saved from last year’s crops, and getting some from seed swapping events (tomorrow we’ll be at the MOFGA seed swap at the Common Ground Fairgrounds, yay!). Most of the seeds are organic, and all of the seeds are untreated (no synthetic chemicals added). We’re focusing on greens, and easy to grow stuff, so that you can enjoy the most awesome foods possible for your gardening efforts!

So, what are you most excited about growing this year?


Now that Binikou’s website is up and running and slowly, and steadily growing, we are looking for a home in meat-space. We want some land to build the first model of a “school for humanity” that focuses on researching, testing, and sharing knowledge about how to help everyone get more of the basic needs – nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, warmth, light, and the freedom to express the body’s excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy. We’re tentatively calling these spaces for hosting Binikou type programs Community Growing Spaces. (Or possibly living Resource Centers. If you really prefer one or the other name, let us know!) Here is a brief introduction to our current goal for creating a space somewhere around Augusta, or Belfast, Maine:

Community Growing Spaces are publicly owned places for sharing resources to help increase everyone’s access to basic needs for a healthy life.

Would you like to see this area with it’s own public growing space, where everyone could come to share physical, emotional, intellectual and philosophical resources for increasing the basic health of the whole community. A place to learn about, grow, prepare, and share exceptionally nutritious and delicious local food. A place to exchange your own excess resources for resources that you can use right now to improve your life. And a place to bring your stories, ideas, problems, and solutions for improving the quality of life for your family, friends, and world.

Community Growing Spaces are just that, and a whole lot more!

The first goal is to secure a location on community owned property that will host a variety of public amenities open to all, unconditionally. Our own growing space could include such amazing things as a public garden, farm, tool workshop, kitchen, library, community center, classroom, food pantry, playground, campground, event space, organic and inorganic recycling center, and nature preserve, depending on the growing needs of our community members. The space will be highly adaptable to the changing needs of the community, so that the space itself grows as the community grows. The space will be independently owned and/or run by the community itself – a public “commons” that everyone is freely encouraged to use for their needs for health and wellness.

The long term goal is to increase the availability of high quality nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, warmth, light, and the freedom to express the body’s excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy for everyone in the community, so that everyone can grow into their best selves.

Right now we need help finding some land to begin creating our very first community growing space. If you know of some property that could either be donated to the project, please get in touch! Or if you want to help us locate some property for donation, please let us know!

You can also follow the progress of the folks who are spearheading the mission to create a community growing space here at the Binikou blog.

With curiosity and compassion,
Turil Cronburg

We need trees!

Possibly my favorite Binikou solution ever has just been put up:

Making maple syrup from a tree!

No fancy equipment involved except for a large drill bit and drill. Though I imagine you could easily use a small pocket knife as well…

Maple syrup is one of the best things about winter in New England!

And if you have any other ideas on how to use the raw, fresh sap, please enter them onto the wiki, too. Make tea with it?


golden elixer, filled with manganese, apparently!

If you hadn’t already noticed, Binikou’s Encyclopedia of Solutions has it’s first few entries now!

Please check them out, add any informative and/or creative stuff to the solutions, and consider creating more solution entries to teach others about solutions to improving your quality of life that you already know and love.

In the Food category, we have: Sprouting Seeds and Nuts

And: Vitamin C from a pine tree

In the Warmth category, we have: Triangle Shelter for making geodesic dome type buildings

And in the Air category, we started off with a supercharged yogic breathing technique: the 4-7-8 breath

What do you think? Are we off to a good start? What do you want to see? What do you want to add? Check out the Solution Wish List where wishes for a better life can be granted! You now have the opportunity to grant others their wishes, and they can grant you yours…


mung beans ready to sprout into a super food!

Some people wonder what exactly Binikou is when it comes to the mainstream concept of the for-profit vs. non-profit business/organization dichotomy. Binikou is neither, and both! Binikou is really just on a whole different dimension!

Binikou is a work of ART! It’s interactive, globally networked, neurologically minded, scientifically curious, spiritually motivated art, that is. :-)

Which means that the more your brain interacts with Binikou, the more brilliant and beautiful this work of art becomes, and the healthier the world becomes!

Binikou is officially starting out as a personal project of me, Turil Cronburg, with the help and support and inspiration of two beautiful boys — Zack and Ariyeh — who I’ve had the joy to be a teacher and friend for, for the past two years. I, personally, have a neutral goal when it comes to monetary “profit” — money is just one possible temporary tool for helping increase the health and quality of life of all humans on the planet, which is my ultimate spiritual and scientific goal, following my own Prime Directive in life. Thus, any money that I and/or Binikou receive will go directly towards serving that goal in the most efficient way possible at the time. Money, and any other material resources that I have already gotten, has gone towards supporting the basic needs of those who are working on growing the project. Binikou’s most active teachers, website contributors, students, and hosts will always be the ones who’s basic needs will be supported as the first priority, so that they can contribute their best selves to the work. Any excess material resources will go towards serving other individuals and communities basic needs, in the most efficient manner available.

Does that sound good? Does that sound like a revolutionary way to do good, beautiful, true, and inspiring work? Would you like to become an active contributor to Binikou, either as a teacher, website contributor, student, and/or host?

If so, either contact me, Turil, via at thewiseturtle(at) (add the @ symbol before mailing!), or comment here, or head on over to the wiki at, because you are an important part of this art work!

Binikou is like a May Pole, a brilliant collaboration of art and science!

The sun is always there for us when we need it the most.

On the darkest day a child is born, a new kind of child, one who will
be nurtured by those who love her, so that she can become strong,
beautiful, and inspiring for all of you for the rest of your precious
time here on planet Earth.

With much love and appreciation, I give you the newborn…

Binikou ~ the Human Powered School

Good Stuff In – Good Stuff Out

She is still very tiny and fragile, but she is ready to face the
challenges of the world, ready to take her first steps out into the
snow, or rain, or sun, with all of us there to hug her when she falls,
and to watch her when she walks bravely into the future.

Please share
the news of her birth with anyone you feel will also find joy in her
new life…


Happy Solstice to all of you, my family, friends, and fellow creative souls!

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,

Salutations to the flying fire within us all!

What makes Binikou different from most other schools is that Binikou starts with the fundamental belief that the human brain is, perhaps, the most exquisite and powerful thing within the universe. We believe that the human brain is amazing and could be said to be worth worshiping, even.

And even more worth worshiping than a single brain is a whole planet full of brains!

So you could say that Binikou’s goal is to redesign education for a world of brains.

The old school way was to mostly ignore the health of the body that contained the brain. The new school way is to focus on taking excellent care of the body that contains the brain, so that the whole package can function at it’s best.

The old school way was to force the brain to learn or teach only predefined things, at predefined times, and in predefined ways, as defined by predefined other brains. The new school way is to focus on letting the brain itself decide what it wants to learn and teach, when it wants to learn and teach, and how it wants to learn and teach, so that each unique brain can learn and teach in the way that works best for the individuals in their own unique environment and circumstances.

The old school way was to focus on fairly arbitrary and unrelated and often not-very-valuable subjects and lessons. The new school way is to focus on subjects and lessons that are directly related to improving the individuals’ personal lives so that what is learned and taught is highly valuable and meaningful, while simultaneously encouraging people to expand their brain’s capabilities in a whole variety of ways, based on their developmental interests at the time.

And finally, the old school way was to consider diversity as, at best, an “unfortunate” thing to have to “work around” with the aim to “keep everyone in line”, heading in a single direction. The new school way is to see diversity as crucial for the health of the planet. The highest goal of Binikou is most definitely to work with diversity, and to encourage collaboration and cooperation, rather than competition, with all sorts of different kinds of individuals, to keep the whole system of life exploring new territory in an ever expanding and branching creative force of nature.

There is still, of course, room for the old school ways, in many areas, when the brains involved are personally interested in a more linear approach. So Binikou is more of an addition than a replacement to the old school ways.

Which is how it should be, right? More diversity equals a healthier, more creative, and more fun world of brains!


Also, because I know you’re curious… the main website/wiki has indeed been born. It’s still just a very tiny, new baby, and not ready yet to be passed around to the whole Binikou family and friends just yet, but she is indeed alive and well, and I’ll be inviting you to play with her very, very soon!


Binikou - a whole brains approach to education!