The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, it’s the way those atoms are put together…
~ Carl Sagan

our planet, by zack, age 5

Binikou ~ The Human Powered School wants to rearrange the atoms of the Earth itself so that it’s even more beautiful than it is now.

Are you interested in helping us accomplish this dream?

Right now we’re looking for the following things. If you can help us get them, we’d be able to get even more good things into humans, and use more of the stuff that come out of humans for good things.

  • A home for Binikou and it’s creator Turil in the Boston, Massachusetts area, or possibly in southern Maine or Vermont. A “resident artist/educator/philosopher” position might be a good way to describe what might be a good solution.
  • spaces for hosting workshops in the Somerville, MA area (at least at the present time)
  • Bike repair and parts for a reliable bike for transporting workshop stuff (or possibly a new bike).
  • Contributions to the website hosting for the wiki and forum ($130 a year at Dreamhost, a very well respected host run by nice geeks)
  • T pass money or Charlie Cards with money on them, for transportation to more distant meetings and schools
  • a lightweight, easily assembled/disassembled geodesic dome for traveling workshops in parks and yards
  • a medium-sized event tent also for traveling workshops
  • Recieved! THANKS! a laser printer (Donated by Rafi.)
  • fresh, local, (preferably) organic produce for making healthy snacks at workshops
  • all kinds of testing equipment for workshops (I’m thinking tape measures, volt meters, PH strips/testers, spectrometers, lead testing, water quality testing, microscopes, high quality thermometers, scales, etc., essentially anything that tests the quality/quantity of food, water, air, warmth, light, and energy)
  • teachers, all over the world, and especially in the Somerville, MA area, who are interested in helping their students become Binikou reporters, innovators, and researchers
  • kids, all over the world, and especially in the Somerville, MA area, who are interested becoming Binikou reporters, innovators, and researchers!
  • and, of course, your great ideas, no matter who you are, for making simple, practical solutions to helping people get more high quality food, water, air, warmth, and light, and helping us all use our excess solids, liquids, gases, and energy in awesome ways that benefit the world!

You can offer these things directly, or donate money to help with these things, if you like.

You can contact me by email at if you want to offer something, or if you have questions, or even if you would like Binikou to help you solve a specific problem helping you or someone you know get more of the things humans need to be healthy and awesome!

With Gratitude,