In March of 2010, 41 year old teacher, artist, and philosopher, Turil Cronburg of Somerville, Massachusetts, watched a video of a talk given by Jane McGonigal, who was the game designer of the World Bank Institute’s real-world social innovation game Evoke, which was presented at the mind-blowing and ever popular TED conference (Technology Education Design). Turil was so impressed with Jane and her message that she immediately joined the Evoke game.

EVOKE grows!

For ten weeks, players were given challenges that encouraged them to learn how to use social innovation and collaboration to help solve real world problems ranging from the economy, to water security, to getting more local food. For the final challenge players were allowed to submit a proposal for an Evokation – a long term project to increase the quality of life for people, locally and/or globally.

Turil submitted Binikou ~ The Human Powered School as her Evokation, and was awarded two prizes. She won a scholarship trip to the Evoke Summit in Washington, D.C. in September, 2010, and she won a chance to participate in a fundraising challenge on the website during the month of August, 2010.

Turil at Padmasambhava

And now, with this support and encouragement from both the game runners and many of the wonderful players, as well as two highly curious five year old twin boys, Turil is diving right into the joyful work of making her Binikou dream a reality.

This blog is just the very beginning!