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This afternoon I’m going to the EVOKE Summit in DC, as a guest of the World Bank, for a three day intensive on changing the world. Should be interesting.

There will also be plenty of time spent at the Smithsonian, of course…



The Park Spark Project has just unveiled a real live poop powered lampost in a local dog park! An artist has gotten funding from MIT and the Cambridge Arts’ Council to build a methane harvester which people using the dog park are instructed to put dog poop into (using biodegradable plastic bags that are provided), turn the crank (hey, it IS human powered!) and then enjoy the methane powered park lamp that glows inspiringly after sunset. It’s an extremely simple idea, and one that I hope Binikou can work~play with when we’re up and running.

Because I see a future filled with porta potty powered parks, don’t you? :-)

This lovely outhouse was found at Yestermorrow, a sustainable design school in Vermont.

Yes, the Naked Chef himself has recently crossed the ocean to help out North American kids get more whole, fresh, healthy foods into their bodies, so that they can be more amazing!

And as part of his efforts, he’s teamed up with an innovative website called OpenIDEO where people from all over the world collaborate on problem solving and tackling rewarding challenges for the benefit of everyone.

As a reflection of something Binikou might do in the future, I’ve submitted a Binikou inspired idea for the challenge, and you can check it out on the OpenIDEO site by clicking here, or on the poster below…

Only fresh, whole, living food at this sale!